Commercial Cleaning Services

Established over 20 years ago, Facilitech is a leading provider of janitorial and cleaning services in the Manchester, Bedford, Nashua and Concord, NH area and is a division of Foxfire Property Management. Facilitech quickly emerged as one of the area's premier cleaning and janitorial service providers and is responsible for cleaning and maintaining many businesses throughout New Hampshire.

The Facilitech Difference

Our difference is rooted in our philosophy that cleaning is more than just a commodity

Facilitech offers their customers a different approach to cleaning and customer service. We strive to be different in not only the way we clean but also in the way we interact and report to our customers.

Quality Control
Our quality control is paramount to our success and our long standing relationships with our customers. We provide independent weekly inspections by both the evening supervisor and operations manager and conduct weekly walkthroughs with customers if the customer is interested. Our site inspections are done using state of the art software and all errors and deficiencies are corrected immediately.

Most cleaning companies are supervised by people that are involved in the day to day cleaning. This may cause a certain amount of bias towards the cleaning staff rather than the customer. Our supervisors are not involved in the cleaning process and oversee the day to day activities in an oversight capacity which results in the best possible inspection and supervision.

High standard of cleaning
We pride ourselves on providing a very high standard of cleaning. We do not cut corners, we clean them. There are many companies that pride themselves on being cheap. We pride ourselves on quality, follow through and an overall customer centric approach to the job at hand.

We are well versed in all environments
Current nightly cleanings involve operating rooms, exam rooms, court rooms, clean rooms, classrooms, fitness centers, apartment complexes, etc.

We partner with our customers rather than just work behind the scenes.
We regularly interact (if authorized) with you and your staff during normal business hours to get to know any changing needs or concerns. We prefer our customers to know us by name rather than refer to our staff as the "cleaning guy" or "cleaning lady”

Your immediate needs are fixed as soon as you notify us, rather than "tonight” or “we will schedule that”. All customers have the cell phone number of the Director of Operations and all calls are answered regardless of the time of day.

As a full service company, we have the ability to provide many other property management services as well. If you have a task that you need performed, we can usually meet your needs. If we are unable to perform the task, we will let you know who can.

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We are well versed in all environments. All our employees are trained in HIPPA regulations affording our customer the ability to trust us in environments that contain rare/antique artwork, prescription pharmaceuticals, and sophisticated electronics. Here is a list of the environments we work with

Medical Offices

Healthcare Facilities

Operating Rooms

Professional Offices

Model Homes

Surgical Centers

Clean Rooms

Physical Therapy

Accounting Firms

Condo Complexes

Exam Rooms

Recovery Rooms

Pre-Op Rooms

Art Galleries

Construction Co's

Law Offices

Court Houses

Municipal Buildings

Brokerage Firms

Learning Centers

State Offices

Federal Offices

Common Areas



Laundry Rooms

Fitness Centers

Leeds Certified Bldngs

Apartment Buildings

Insurance Firms


2 Pillsbury Street, Concord, NH 03301-1438
(603) 410-6449
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Facilitech can provide the following services in the Manchester, NH, Bedford, NH, Nashua, NH and Concord, NH area: Carpet Cleaning, Tile Refinishing, Marble Refinishing, Floor Buffing, Power Washing, Security, Tile and Grout Sealing, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Window Washing, Tile Floor Scrub and Recoating, Post Construction Cleanup, Carpet Sanitizing, Terminal Cleaning, Office Cleaning.